Monday, April 10, 2017

Coffee Art To Go

For those of you who didn't make it to the Singapore Art Book Fair 2017, here are a list of coffee art items from the fair that is up for grabs. Whenever you purchase these pieces, it just means giving more time for the artist to get creative.

Presenting La Kopi - published by Math Paper Press, 
this is my first sketchbook publication about this little red dot. 
Specifically coffee in Singapore.  
SGD 29.00

Puzzle  (A4 size)
SGD 20.00

phone covers 
(in collaboration with Society 6)
USD 35.00

Coffee Mug 11oz
(in collaboration with Society 6)

Metal travel mugs
(in collaboration with Society 6)
15oz at USD 24.00

Iced Jem Biscuits
 Free for visitors to my booth 41-B
(You won't miss the booth!)


  1. I likes your article as i like Coffee too... really good info thanks to share with us your information about coffee.....(Y).

    1. Thank you for checking in @coffeemakers! :D